Work with Pappare’ – Pastry chef

The person we are looking for

At Pappare’ the pastry chef is a very important position in the kitchen staff.

He or she loves the preparation of pastries and desserts of any kind, has a good knowledge of the product, is helpful, reliable, respectful and works well in a team, and most of all cares about the customer’s satisfaction.

The pastry chef communicates to customers his or her poetic sensibility in what he or she creates with passion.

Experience and skills

Besides work experience in the field, we require these skills:

  • Knowledge of sanitary regulations for food preparation, preservation and storage Conoscenza delle norme igienico sanitarie di preparazione; HACCP certificate.
  • Autonomy in executing recipes and the different pastry preparations.
  • Autonomy in using the kitchen tools.
  • Autonomy in setting up the pastry and croissant display,  nell’allestimento del banco dolci e croissant, the “jewel in the crown” in our production at Pappare’; the pastry display must be rich, well-stocked and inviting at any time of day.
  • Autonomy in the preparation of the desserts in the restaurant menu.
  • Good manual skills and aesthetic understanding.

Job requirements and tasks

In carrying out their tasks, the pastry chef has to:

  • work to guarantee the fastest and careful service at any time of the day;
  • guarantee a correct set-up and organization of the workstation, keeping with the high standards of cleanliness and order
  • keep regular and correct maintenance of the kitchen machinery and tools
  • manage the stock and equipment in order to assure an efficient service at any time
  • work as a team with the waiting staff
  • represent Pappare’ at their best, in every moment of the day
  • be willing to develop and create new products that meet the customers’ needs

Are you the person we are looking for?

The applicant must have good communication skills, a predisposition to interpersonal relations and team work, strong work ethics. The applicant must show dedication, sense of responsibility, respect and good care of his/her person, of the customers, coworkers and company.

Fluent English is preferred.

Wage and contractual framework will be proportionate to experience and qualifications.

To apply for this position, fill in the form below, or send your CV (with photo) and a cover letter to:, stating “Pastry chef” in the subject line.

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