Good food and good coffee is our style.

Simply welcoming, tasty, nice.

An extraordinarily natural style,

attentive to people, flavors and good everyday living.

This is food for mood.



At Pappare’ we are constantly looking for enthusiastic, motivated and talented people with a strong drive to be part of our team.

We believe in dedication, in professional commitment, in a sense of belonging, in team work, but most of all we believe in the joy of working together.

We like to think that those who work with us are driven by a will to evolve, to be involved with company life and to become our fiercest supporters.

If you like to work in food and hospitality, if you enjoy to work with people, if you believe in work ethics, if you are looking for a dynamic, creative and fun environment, then get in touch with us, we would like to meet you.

Take a look at the current job openings, or send us your CV with a photo and cover letter:


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