Work with Pappare’ – Runner

Position, experience and tasks.

The position is open to young men/women, not necessarily with previous experience, who wish to approach the food and hospitality business working in a dynamic and exciting environment.

In carrying out his/her tasks he/she has to:

  • Know in detail all the menus and be able to describe each and every course, product, drink;
  • Quickly and efficiently deliver food and beverages to customers;
  • Have good communication skills;
  • Thoroughly know the food and beverage selection, in order to descrive it correctly to customers;
  • Make sure that tables are clean and tidy during opening hours;
  • Help the bar/café staff with washing and cleaning;
  • Ensure the overall cleanliness and organization of the different rooms;
  • Work together with the waiters;
  • Work together and communicate well with the kitchen and café staff, to optimize service to customers; Sviluppare un rapporto di collaborazione e comunicazione efficienti con la cucina e la caffetteria per ottimizzare il servizio ai clienti
  • Help out the other teams when necessary and if possible;
  • Keep an adequate level of efficiency even during the busiest hours;
  • Represent Pappare’ at their best, in every moment of the day

Are you the person we are looking for?

The applicant must have good communication skills, a predisposition to interpersonal relations and team work, strong work ethics.

The applicant has a proactive and sunny disposition, he/she must show dedication, sense of responsibility, respect and good care of his/her person, of the customers, coworkers and company.

Fluent English is preferred.

Refresher training courses will be held periodically.

Wage and contractual framework will be proportionate to experience and qualifications.

To apply for this position, fill in the form below, or send your CV (with photo) and a cover letter to:, stating “Runner” in the subject line.

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